How will you get rid of this false self?

How will you get rid of this false self?

Source:, AMB Hyderabad Center

Continuing on the subject of honesty, one day Baba gave this discourse:

Absolute honesty is essential in one’s search for God – for Truth. The subtleties of the Path are finer than a hair. The least hypocrisy becomes a wave that washes one off the Path.

It is your false self that keeps you away from your True Self by every trick it knows. In the guise of honesty, this self even deceives itself. For instance, your self claims: “I love Baba.” The fact is, if you really loved Baba, you would not be your false self making the self-asserting statement. The self, instead of being effaced in love, believes and asserts: “I love Baba.” Isn’t that self-deception?

How will you get rid of this false self? How will you give up this shadowy I-am-ness and get established in the “I-Alone-Am” or “God-Alone-Is” state? Hafiz has given the answer:

“O lover, separation and union are none of your business!
Seek only to resign yourself to the will of the Beloved.”

Even the craving for Union with the Beloved creates bindings. Therefore, do not bother about separation or Union; just love and love all the more. Then as you love more and more, you are able to resign yourself and find your path to the Perfect Master, who is the Way. As you undergo a gradual change, your ego asserts itself less and less. Then whatever the Perfect Master tells you to do, you are able to carry out. In the beginning, the mind grumbles, “Why should I obey someone?” But Hafiz consoles the mind by saying:

“O Mind! This bondage to the Master alone
can give eternal freedom.”

The chosen ones of the Perfect Master obey him implicitly. He who becomes the perfect slave becomes a Perfect Master., p4654
Mar, 1960; Guruprasad

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