Meher Radio(s)

Meher Radio(s)

Meher Radio Meherabad

Prayers & Arti from Samadhi

7:00 AM & 7:00 PM – All Days (except on 12th) – LIVE

7:00 AM & 5:30 PM – On 12th (Dhuni Day) – LIVE

Meher Radio Hindi

Meher Radio Telugu

Meher Channel 1

LIVE from Jubilee Hills Center, Hyderabad – from 8 AM to 5 PM

AMB Hyderabad Center

32nd Anniversary Celebration Sahavas on 11th Nov 2018 – Live from AMBHC, Jubilee Hills

Meher Channel 2

LIVE from Koti Center, Hyderabad – Every Saturday from 6 PM to 8 PM



  1. It is very useful channel for all Meherbaba lovers all over the world taking live broadcast in presence of Meherbaba from samadhi.

  2. My app won’t open. I need to update it says. But the new version won’t install. That says I have no device I can update. I have devices which have apps which do update regularly. It looks to me like this app has a problem and need to be looked in to an possibly rewritten. To prevent lovers from hearing the arti just feels wrong

  3. Dear Team Meherbad,

    Many thanks for the lovely App.
    We never miss the live morning aarti. When the aarti is playing, all one needs to do is close your eyes and immediately get transported to Meherbad Samafhi.

    Thankyou for making our mornings blessed and divine.
    Jai Meher Baba !!

    Priti, Anand & Risaa Shirali

  4. Jai Baba Sir…there are some technical difficulties with the post arti transmission. We will convey your request to concerned people in Meherabad.

    Admin, Meher Channel

  5. jαí вαвα…
    thαnkѕ α lσt fσr prσvídíng ѕuch wσndєrful αpp .. αnd í rєquєѕt thє αdmín tσ єхtєnd thє tímє αnd prσvídє вhαjαnѕ αnd quαwαlíѕ αlѕσ αftєr αrthí.
    P̠R̠A̠S̠H̠A̠N̠T̠H̠ K̠O̠N̠D̠A̠P̠A̠K̠W̠A̠R̠.

  6. It’s very Useful app and good for those who live from Meherabad/Samadhi

  7. Jai Baba Sir…there are some technical difficulties with the post arti transmission. We will convey your request to concerned people in Meherabad.

    Admin, Meher Channel

  8. Jay Baba
    Dear sir
    It is often requested by many baba lovers about hearing the songs ,bhajans, and quawalis after prayer sung by the baba lovers plz late me know your difficulties in transmission in the same
    Dr.Ravindra Giri ,Narayangaon pune

  9. Jai Baba
    Those who dont have the app can go to the following website and listen. It works for me. But sometimes the transmission gets interrupted, is it because it is not an app or is it happening to others too

  10. Avatar meherbaba ki jai.

  11. There is a fluctuation in the transmission of system. Hence we are unable to here the prayer. Plz do needfull

  12. Due to some technical problems, we were unable to stream the Live yesterday and today. Trying to restore it soon. Jai baba!

  13. It’s very useful app and good for those who live far from Meherabad/samadhi

  14. Jai Baba

  15. Due to internet connectivity issue, we were unable to stream the Live yesterday and today. Hope it will be restored soon. Jai baba!

  16. A lot of people in the Meher Baba community whose language is English would really enjoy a program that offers English translations / discussions as a part of the program for some of Baba’s favorite Bhajans, Qualis, Kirtans etc… especially as rendered by His favorite singers such as the late grate Begum Akhtar. Even some of the movies on the lives of the great saints of India, such as Tukaram, Mira, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Sai Baba etc… could be played and discussed. Many of these movies have songs as an important part of the film but which are not translated, even if there are subtitles for the spoken parts. So, there is an extensive list of treasures that could be mined for such a program if anybody with the skills and inclination were to take it on.

  17. Jai Baba and thanks for the feedback sir. Whenever you observe any problem with the broadcast, please feel free to provide your valuable feedback on Whatsapp or thru SMS at 9000001527 (India) or email at


  18. This is very nice initiative, however any disturbance due to buffering or anything else breaks rythm, which is so important particularly for prayer or aarati…Pl. take care how smooth webcast be done…Jai MehefBaba

  19. Thanku very much for such a beautiful thing.please extend the time. We also want to lisen the songs after the prayer and arti.

    Er. Meher deep verma

  20. Please provide step by step procedure to listen the article and prayer.

    Er. Meher Deep Verma

  21. Thanyou very much for the live harathi from kakinada….JAIBABA

  22. JAI MEHER BABA Thanks for live Arti

    I wait for Arti everyday thanks for starting this site

  24. Is the app getting stuck and jumping up stanzas, or is it just me? Jai Baba.

  25. Request you, that we should be able to hear the BHAJANS songs as well which they sing after Arti.

  26. Please please let it continue. It was so beautiful. Please try to increase the time limit.

    Jai Baba and thank you for such a wonderful app

  27. Jaibaba!! Thanks for this app. I was actually searching for any app on Beloved Baba .

  28. Jai Baba! Due to some technical problem we are unable to stream Live Prayers today. Our sincere apologies for this. Live will continue from tomorrow as usually.


  29. Thank you for your prompt action,the Prayers are uninterrupted now…Jai Baba

  30. Jai Baba…!

    Chendrikaji i just Shared a screenshots to your mail id. Simply follow the steps, any issues let me know.

  31. Arti is not audible as the music is continuing,kindly let me know how to go through it…..Jai Baba

  32. Thank you. Excellent app.

  33. So glad with prompt help provided; really enjoyed smooth and crystal clear live Aarti! Thanks much Meher Channel for giving this opportunity to come more closer to HIM! Jai Baba!

  34. Jai Baba…!
    Today is Dhuni day, Prayers starts at 5:00 pm

  35. Thanks for the feedback Sameer. I just Sent you the document with clear instructions follow that.
    Jai Baba…!

  36. Cant hear Aarti music is going on; please check! It’s happening since last two days only; else perfect! Thanks for bringing us more closer to HIM! Jai Baba!

  37. Can’t thank you enough for this app… it’s a mini transportation to Meherabad each day! Jai Baba.

  38. Thanks for the feedback, Craig. We have rectified this problem now. Loving Jai Babas – Admin, Meher Channel.

  39. Music which plays after arti started before the arti was finished this evening

  40. Jai Meher Baba

    Since yesterday 4-7-16 at the end for 3 to 4 minutes the Aarti goes mute, we can see it’s playing but there is no voice please solve this issue

    Jai Meher Baba

  41. Jai Baba!
    Thanks for your feedback the mobile bandwidth signals are varying on the hill. So we are just trying to rectify it as early as possible.

  42. Jai baba!
    Thank you for this wonderful app!
    Just a feedback, the audio stops midway a lot.

  43. Can you please extend the time till 7:30 so that we can hear baba songs sung at the samadhi
    Jai Baba

  44. Please try that we can see live video prayers

  45. Jai Baba
    Good work from Hyderabad centre. Can listent o the holy recitation anywhere.
    Just the voice is Not loud enough to lisen clearly.
    Jai Baba

  46. Cannot connect aarti time. . Please check. Jai baba

  47. Jai Baba, We are working on this and this will be rectified by this weekend.

    Thanks for the feedback

  48. The connection is slow

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