Three Types Seekers

Three Types Seekers

Source:, AMB Hyderabad Center

The first type says that God is within him and he has to see God within. “I must see Him at any cost and so I’ll continue my efforts.” In his efforts, he must face innumerable hardships and difficulties. But this type of seeker has not that amount of courage and daring which the second type displays. It takes him ages and ages to reach his goal, and the way is full of suffering and obstacles.

The second type says God is within him. He has no need of a Master. At any cost, he must seek and search for Him. He has the daring to take a headlong plunge and get himself drowned.

The third type believes that God is within him and he also has the daring. What is daring? The daring is that he is prepared to blindfoldedly obey the Master. He has so much daring that he has no thought for himself., p3884
Nov, 1955; Meherabad

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