The eternal NOW!

The eternal NOW!

Source:, AMB Hyderabad Center

[Baba pointed to a particular man.] Once, you were a child. Now, you have grown up to be a man. Between childhood and manhood you have experienced much misery and suffering. Where are they now? The fact is there were neither joys nor sorrows. It is due to illusion that you think and experience everything. After 20 to 30 years you will even forget the thoughts and events of today. You are caught in the net of maya and the accumulation of sanskaras bind you more and more in maya. For instance, a man is sleeping. He dreams thieves are trying to murder him. Frightened, he wakes up and is afraid to go back to sleep again, lest he dream the same dream. But, at the same time, he knows that it was a dream.

Thus, this whole life is a dream. It has no past and no future, but is only in the eternal present — the eternal NOW!, p4323
Feb, 1958; Meherabad
[1958 Sahavas]

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