Surrender requires pure heart and empty mind

Surrender requires pure heart and empty mind

Source:, AMB Hyderabad Center

One of those meeting Baba for the first time that day was Shalig Ram Sharma, 33, of Hamirpur. After Pukar introduced him, Baba asked, “What do you most desire?”

Shalig Ram answered sincerely, “To surrender to you, Baba.”

Baba observed:

He met me only today and wants to surrender himself. Why do you want to do that? If you get it you will become useless to the world.

No one knows how to surrender to me. They love me, yes, obey me, also, but no one knows how to completely surrender to me. Instead, I have to surrender to you all [pointing to the audience]. Mind makes you conscious of the body and of doubts. You must have the consciousness of a human, but become as a stone. Only then can you become dust. Your body will not be here a hundred years hence, but the mind does not leave you. It is the mind that wants attachments and keeps you entangled with worldly things. To completely surrender to my will, your heart must be pure and your mind empty of all thoughts.

Sharma repeated, “If you are to give me anything, give me complete self-surrenderance. Give me your shelter and give me the capacity to accept it.”

Baba raised his right hand and pointed upwards with two fingers. Immediately, there was a tremendous clap of thunder and a flash of lightening outside. “Khuda [God] has heard your voice,” Baba pronounced. “Everything is granted and this is the proof!”, p4744
May, 1961;  Guruprasad

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