Someone asked, “But how can we acquire the desire for the company of saints?”

Someone asked, “But how can we acquire the desire for the company of saints?”

Source:, AMB Hyderabad Center

Baba replied, “By killing all desires except one — longing for real bliss. Thus only by longing for bliss will you have the chance to come in contact with a Perfect Master and then, as I said before, his sahavas, his contact and his service will do the rest. You will gain real bliss.”

Someone else asked, “But how do we earn that opportunity? All of us cannot think of God and have the intense desire for real bliss.”

Baba explained at length:

Naturally, this depends on one’s sanskaras. There is a course of experience through which every being must pass to realize God. Suppose an ordinary person who has no thought of God or desire for real bliss gives something to charity out of his philanthropic nature and feelings for the poor. This is a good deed, and due to that and his mercy for those suffering, he is helped inwardly and progresses. His kind and generous mentality enables him to progress further and further until a time comes when the desire for real bliss is created. The desire for bliss is born in him automatically. This desire leads him to a Sadguru and, by thus reaching the Original Source of everything, he is eventually able to attain bliss. But before achieving this state of being able to create a desire for real bliss, he has to pass through a succession of experiences, both good and bad.
Lord Meher P1929

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