To see all as brothers, try to see Baba in them

To see all as brothers, try to see Baba in them

Source:, AMB Hyderabad Center

Another New Yorker was Harry Hettger, who had come to Myrtle Beach by bus. When Baba saw him briefly, at 3:40 P.M. on the 10th, he informed him: “Your visit is good for you and for me, because you love me; I love you, too. And you love me because I love you. So it is worth it for both of us. Just these five minutes’ contact will, by God’s grace, last forever! God is Truth, is eternal and all love. That means whatever has been created by love — true love — never dies. And so, this contact will never die.”

Hettger expressed his desire to see people more and more as his brothers, saying, “Sometimes, it is difficult to see all as brothers.”

Baba advised: “Try to see Baba in them; then you will see them as brothers. Eventually, we are all one. Those who know by experience know that we are all one in God. Ignorance goes, and Knowledge of Oneness comes automatically. Until then, try to see Baba in them, and develop this brotherhood in your own self.”

“How will you do it?” Baba continued. “When you see someone who is aloof, and have no feeling of brotherhood for him, you must tell yourself, ‘Baba is in him,’ so you feel him as a brother.”

“I have the feeling you are with me,” Hettger said. “I wish it to continue.”

“What a question! Now that you have seen me, contacted me, embraced me, God will make you feel me more and more until you realize me.”, p3066
May, 1952; Myrtle Beach

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