“To realize Him, we should be honest in everything”

“To realize Him, we should be honest in everything”

Source: AvatarMeher.org, AMB Hyderabad Center

Baba then addressed the others: “My discourses, Vedanta, Upanishads and all religious literature have no value. It is literally explanations of the Unexplainable. That which cannot be understood cannot be explained. So I call all these a mere guppa [idle talk, chitchat]. The necessity is for the Experience. Then all the messages and doubts disappear forever. Then we know that we were always infinite, we are infinite and we will remain infinite.”

“Baba, what should I do to realize God?” Dadi Mehta asked.

“God is Perfect Honesty, and in our efforts to realize Him, perfect honesty is required. To realize Him, we should be honest in everything — in what we speak, in what we do and in what we think.”

… To all, Baba observed: “The worst thing lying in our Path is hypocrisy. We are all hypocrites to one degree or another. The slightest hypocrisy means no God! We cannot fool One Who knows everything!

-www.lordmeher.org, p3420
Nov, 1953; Delhi

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