This is not a matter of just whitewashing the mind

This is not a matter of just whitewashing the mind

Source:, AMB Hyderabad Center

A large darshan of mostly Bombay, Poona and Ahmednagar lovers was held on Sunday, 3 April 1960 from 8:00 A.M. until noon. Abdul Karim, a professor of Persian at Ahmednagar College, had come in Baba’s contact through Bhagirath. Baba asked the professor what he had eaten for breakfast and lunch. The professor enumerated a long list of items, and Baba remarked, “A delicious breakfast and lunch indeed. Now you must be feeling satisfied and happy. You have tasted so many things, but you have not tasted me! You may eat as many eatables as you like and drink as much of whatever you want, but the satisfaction you derive from that is only short-lived.

“The real enjoyment lies when a drop gulps the Ocean! One should aspire for such a drink! What can make this possible? Continual wholehearted remembrance of God. The alternative is my grace.

“This is not a matter of just whitewashing the mind, but the mind itself has to be washed away — annihilated. Love alone can accomplish this., 4649

April 1960; Guruprasad

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  1. When one feels safe, blessed and helped, in cllipping Devine hands of Mehar Baba, nnothingto worry about,.

  2. When one is safe and peaceful in the clipped loving handsof Mehar Baba, why to worry,.

  3. Baba’s words are gold and true. Moreover, they throw light the path.Even blind can see and walk in the path. Baba’s words are most powerful . So, statement of whitewashing the mind is also such gold.

  4. Really unique statement nay, it is fact revealed by Baba. Whatever said by Baba is indeed true. I heartily love Baba.I have infinite faith in Baba.In fact, Baba made me in such a way. Baba gave me light to see the truth. I am fortunate. Jai Baba. Ganapathi rao.L.

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