No compromise in loving God

No compromise in loving God

Source:, AMB Hyderabad Center

Margaret Scott had not seen Baba since 1935. “I am sorry I caused you suffering, Baba, for I know you have suffered for me,” she said.

“But your love has compensated for all the suffering,” Baba assured her. “I know deep down you do love me. Baba loves you, too.”

Margaret said, “Sometimes I am very naughty just because I do not understand. I think I understand now.”

“The most important thing to understand is that we must be honest to God, Baba, ourselves and to humanity. Honest in the sense that in loving God there has to be no compromise. Have you anything to ask?”

“I just do not know. I feel so peaceful.”

“There is no need to ask. And be sure of my love to help you. No need to ask, but Baba will help you through his love. Love God and Baba, and leave the rest to Divine Will.”

–, p3800

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