Moral and spiritual progress alongside material progress

Moral and spiritual progress alongside material progress

Source:, AMB Hyderabad Center

On Sunday, 15 December 1968, Dr. Grant came to Meherazad at 7:30 A.M. from Poona with his nurse, and gave Baba a blood transfusion and administered a cardiogram.  Meherjee came with Dr. Wadia and Dr. Ichaporia, and Adi and Don were also present.

Baba was in a very good mood and during the session, gave a short discourse to the doctors:

“Hypocrisy is at its zenith in the world today and I have come to destroy it! The [material] progress of the world will be maintained, but alongside it, man should develop morally and spiritually.”, p5376
15 Dec 1968; Meherazad

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