Moods feed the ego-life

Moods feed the ego-life

Source:, AMB Hyderabad Center

Baba, while tolerant of our various moods, understanding their causes (frustration, jealousy, inferiority complexes) as a result of sanskaras left over from past lives, disliked them intensely.

Said Baba, “All such moods feed the ego-life.” In a letter to Delia, He remarked, “And how can you help in this game of Mine? By love and service. By control of your mind and moods, and yes, weaknesses which are there for the purpose of exercising control over them. Often the greater one loves, the greater is the tendency to moods, because the pangs of separation are more acute. But I do not like moods and therefore, to please Me, which is one of the best ways of showing your love for Me, try your best to overcome them…. A joyful heart will help you most to get strong.”

-Love alone Prevails, p. 241, Kitty Davy

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