Meherabad Young Adult Sahavas 2016

Meherabad Young Adult Sahavas 2016

Source:,Avatar Meher Baba Trust ,Ahmednagar

Dear Baba Lovers, We are delighted to announce: With Beloved Baba’s Love Blessings, the Meherabad Young Adult Sahavas – 2016 will be celebrated from 31st July,2016 afternoon through 6th August, 2016 afternoon in Meherabad. Application forms are now available online. Kindly visit AMBPPCT website for full details.

AMBPPCT website link:

For questions or further information, email: and cc:

Sahavas Quick Facts:

What: In July – August, 100 young adults from all over the world gather at Meherabad to spend seven days together in the company of the Ancient One. The keynote of the “Sahavas” is the celebration of Meher Baba’s love through sharing, creative expression (such as art, music and drama), and service at Meherabad. This Year the Theme of Sahavas is “The New Life.”

Who: Young Adult Baba Lovers from ages 18 years to 35 years.

When: The Sahavas starts on Sunday, July 31st and continues through lunch on Saturday, August 6th. Registration for the Sahavas is scheduled for Sunday, July 31st from 2.00 pm to 4:00 pm.

Where: Sahavas participants will be staying in Hostel C.

We look forward to seeing you at the Sahavas!
In His Love and Service,
Meherabad Young Adult Sahavas Team, Avatar Meher Baba PPC Trust

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