Meher Today – 9th September

Meher Today – 9th September

9 September 1927

As the monsoon rains had still not fallen in Ahmednagar, on Friday, 9 September 1927, a group of people came to Baba at Meherabad, praying for rain. Adi Sr. asked Baba, “There are floods elsewhere in India. Why is there no rain in Ahmednagar?” Baba only smiled and would not reply.

Sitting beside the dhuni the next day, Adi repeated his question and requested that Baba produce rain. Baba immediately took off his woolen kamli coat (which he had not done for a very long time, having worn it even at the height of summer in May). Baba remarked, “All the heat has been taken out; there will be cold now,” meaning it would rain. As soon as Baba did this, clouds began gathering in the sky, and a heavy rain fell which continued throughout the night.\

9 September 1931

On 9 September 1931, Baba called Agha Ali, Rustom and Chanji in his cabin and quoted these Urdu couplets:  

When the crow tried to imitate the gait of the swan,

it only lost its own demeanor.

The moment Farhad tried to imitate King Khushrow,his task was spoiled.

We know that eventually You will not deceive us.

But by the time You respond, we will have turned to ashes.

9 September 1959

From Wednesday, 9 September 1959, Baba began a more serious phase of his work in seclusion. He stated, “From today, I am beginning 50 days of very special work.” To help him in his work during this seclusion, during the three months of August, September and October, the name of God was being repeated by his lovers in Hamirpur, Bombay and Karachi continuously, unbroken for 24 hours. Thus, in the world of his lovers the flame of Baba’s holy remembrance was burning brightly, though he had physically “cut himself off” from them.

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