Meher Today – 9th March

Meher Today – 9th March

9 March 1927

From 9 March 1927, Baba began spending the night in the Table Cabin near the dhuni. The handmill was fixed outside its entrance and he again began grinding millet for a few hours each day. When Baba changed his seat to the Table Cabin, he remarked to the mandali, “I will stay here for 1,200 years!”

9 March 1932

On Wednesday, 9 March 1932, Baba returned to Bombay, this time to Marker’s house opposite Chira Bazaar, which had been put at his disposal for the two weeks prior to his departure. But Baba did not approve it, so the mandali found Rander House on Dadysatt Road, Chowpatty, and Baba occupied it the next day. No visitors were permitted.

9 March 1960

At 7:30 A.M. on 9 March, Baba was driven to Meherabad for a small poor program. He stopped at Khushru Quarters along the way. Padri had been informed to keep fourteen poor persons from Arangaon ready on the back verandah of the hall. Each of the villagers was to have washed their own feet. Baba stood on the ground and the recipients on the verandah. He handed each four rupees after bowing to them. Kaikobad was staying at Meherabad at this time and, as instructed, was present for the program. Baba returned to Meherazad at about 10:30 A.M.


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