Meher Today – 9th February

Meher Today – 9th February

9 February 1948

Baba departed Allahabad on the night of 9 February, taking Sadashiv, Vithal, Baidul, Eruch, Jalbhai, Dhake and Adi Sr. with him, and leaving Babadas behind. They spent 36 hours in the train, changing trains several times en route. During the journey, as well as during his strenuous work in Allahabad, Baba and the mandali had been observing their partial fast of one meal a day. At one station, they got down at 2:30 A.M. to change trains. Although their next train was at the station, it was not scheduled to depart for several hours, so Baba and the men washed their face and hands and boarded it to rest.

9 February 1954

Very early the next morning, 9 February 1954, Baba left for Mahoba. En route he gave darshan in Panwari where Pukar’s in-laws lived. Kishan Singh recorded in his diary: “The display of their songs by the kirtan singers with finger cymbals in their hands, backed by the heat of the burning love and devotion with which the display was given, can hardly be forgotten. Every part of their bodies seemed jumping in ecstasy as they played the instruments and danced with joy at finding Baba among them.”

9 February 1961

On Thursday, 9 February 1961, (Baba’s birthday according to the Zoroastrian calendar), Baba gave the following message for his birthday on the 25th:

I am the One Who is always lost and found among mankind. It is your love for yourself that loses me, and it is your love for me that finds me. Love me above everything, for now while I am in your midst, I am most easily found as I really am.


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