Meher Today – 9th December

Meher Today – 9th December

9 December 1957

On Monday, 9 December 1957, Adi Sr. drove Baba to Wadia Park at 9:30 A.M., where Baba watched a cricket match for some time from the car, before returning to Meherazad.

9 December 1938

They started for Hyderabad on 9 December. On the way, Baba said he was hungry. What did he ask for? Some very peculiar dishes: “Norina’s nose, Jafrabadi buffalo, salad of a lock of Mansari’s hair, curry of the tail of a frog, and soup of Gaimai’s hand!” Such humorous, delightful interludes were welcome and the time passed happily as Baba distributed puffed rice, peanuts or sweets among the group.

9 December 1939

On Saturday, 9 December, while discussing the opposition, Jal Kerawalla asked Baba why he did not come out and crush this slanderous antagonism. Baba gave this reply:

But they have not yet reached the point of crucifying me! This is nothing compared to what I want. Be prepared for that. This is only the beginning — mere child’s play! I warned you some time ago to be prepared for opposition on a much more serious and larger scale than this.

9 December 1963

Eruch reminded Baba that the lovers had to take tea, so Baba permitted them to leave the hall. In fifteen minutes, all reassembled. For the benefit of his Ahmednagar lovers, Baba explained about “the Path and its hardships,” as he had done on 9 December.


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