Meher Today – 9th August

Meher Today – 9th August

9 August 1941

Baba appeared so weak that he could barely nod his head to give a “yes” or “no” to Chanji’s questions about the work. The mandali had never seen such an ebbing of Baba’s strength. “This was a very painful sight,” Chanji recorded. “In the past, Shree has often fasted, but never have we seen such weakness. Conditions in the world are at a critical stage, Baba said, and on top of that, after 9 August [1941], he wishes to go into complete seclusion.”

9 August 1956

Baba arrives in Sydney, Australia. This is his first trip to Australia.

9 August 1962

On the morning of 9 August, Baba unexpectedly asked to be driven to Khushru Quarters to see Gulmai. Although she had ceased to recognize anyone and was almost in an unconscious state, she opened her eyes and her face brightened when she saw Baba. She caressed his face and managed to utter, “Ba … ba.” After kissing her on the forehead and embracing her, Baba returned to Meherazad. Eruch sent Adi this note: “Baba wants you to be happy and feel happy, for Gulmai is and will ever be HAPPY.”

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  1. Thanks for your valuable input sir….Jai Baba

  2. A prayer for Meher Baba’s lovers and Mandali that Baba had read out on August 25, 1959, at Meherazad.

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