Meher Today – 8th September

Meher Today – 8th September

8 September 1931

At nine o’clock on Tuesday, 8 September, Mahatma Gandhi came to Baba’s cabin aboard with his secretary Mahadev Desai. After Gandhi was introduced, he looked at Baba and said, “I have read much about you and wanted to see you one day when God willed it; but I never expected it to be so soon.”

Baba expressed how happy he was to meet him and dictated from his alphabet board: “Do you have the time to stay?”

“Yes, I have come to sit and listen,” Gandhi replied.

Gandhi talked about meeting Upasni Maharaj at Sakori, and Baba explained to him in detail about Maharaj and Babajan. Baba ended by dictating, “Upasni Maharaj is my Master and a Perfect Sadguru.”

8 September 1954

Baba visited Meherabad on 7 and 8 September, with Eruch, Kaka and Kumar to inspect the preparation work. He visited Akbar Press on his way to Meherabad on the 8th.

In America, Mildred Kyle died of a stroke in Myrtle Beach on the 8th. Baba sent this telegram: “Mildred has found eternal peace in me.” With Baba’s permission, Elizabeth Patterson sent her ashes to India, where (in March 1955) Baba turned them over to Adi Sr. with instructions they be given to Padri to bury on Meherabad Hill beside the other graves.

8 September 1957

Three-hour meeting of the mandali and 32 men from Bombay, Poona and Ahmednagar was held at Meherazad on Sunday, 8 September 1957. The meeting was held, ostensibly, to discuss the upcoming sahavas and arrangements for the invited Westerners. At the start of this “half-term” meeting (meaning this period was half of his 75 days of special work), Baba distributed sweets, remarking: “Let me sweeten your mouths before I make you swallow some bitter pills.”

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