Meher Today – 8th March

Meher Today – 8th March

8 March 1934

Baba paid a visit to Nasik on 8 March, leaving at 3:30 P.M. with Adi Sr. in his Pontiac, along with Rustom and Sailor. Baba met Freiny and her children, visited Circle Cinema and the homes of the Talatis and Edke, before returning the following afternoon. He went to see King Kong at Sarosh Cinema, before returning to Meherabad.

8 March 1947

On 8 March, Don drove Baba in a car to contact masts. Among those whom Baba contacted was a high fifth-plane mast known as Lala, who lived in a dilapidated hut. The saintly old man dressed in tattered clothes and carried a long stick. After working with him that day, Baba and Don returned in the car the next day to see Lala, and they took the mast for a ride. The mast enjoyed it with the delight of a child, and Baba was pleased with the contact.


8 March 1959

Baba gave darshan in Ashiana to about 1,000 of his Bombay lovers on Sunday, 8 March 1959. He embraced all, despite the previous day’s long and hot journey from Ahmednagar and not having much sleep the night before. Because most were his longtime lovers, Baba cracked jokes with them, and humor and merriment prevailed throughout the function.

That day, Kishinchand Gajwani and Sorabji Siganporia had arranged four different programs of well-known qawaals to sing before Baba in Hasman Hall. The first group started as soon as Baba reached the hall with the mandali at 3:00 P.M. Baba did not like them and sent them away for tea.

The second group began to play, but they too were stopped after five minutes. The third and the fourth groups met with the same fate. Baba was not happy with any of them. He asked Gajwani and Siganporia, “What is this? I didn’t like even one of them.”

They replied, “Baba, these four qawaals are famous all over Bombay.”

“They may be famous in Bombay, but I like singing to be from the heart!”

At this point a fifth qawaal, who had sung before Baba in Meherabad in 1955, appeared with his musicians. Baba enjoyed his singing immensely. And as the other four groups sat in the audience full of pride in their “art.” Baba eyed them occasionally and they realized that to sing before the Avatar required something more than ability.

After the program, Baba instructed Gajwani and Siganporia to pay the four qawaals in full and not disappoint them.

8 March 1962

On Thursday, 8 March, Bhau’s play Jai Meher was enacted by members of the Ahmednagar Center on the spacious stage of the Sarosh Cinema, a movie theater in front of Khushru Quarters. Baba went to see it with both the men and women mandali. The men and women living in Meherabad were also invited. At 9:30 A.M., as Baba’s car drove into Ahmednagar, he and the women heard loud chanting and saw several hundred Muslims bowing toward the west (toward Mecca) at the Mohammedan prayer ground next to Khushru Quarters. It was Ramzan Id (a Muslim holy day of fast). Age noted ironically, “Little did the people realize that the One to whom they were praying was at that moment driving past them!”


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