Meher Today – 8th June

Meher Today – 8th June

8 June 1941

With Baidul and Savak, Baba left Ajmer on Sunday, 8 June 1941 to contact masts. Baba had ordered a taxi, but it failed to arrive on time. After waiting half an hour, he walked the distance from the bungalow to the taxi stand and took another. As he got in, Baba covered his face to avoid being recognized. They traveled by taxi, train and bus for more than 500 miles, but did not rest for even half an hour during the entire 78-hour trip. Baba contacted three masts in Nasirabad, but there is no account of them.

8 June 1955

From Wednesday, 8 June 1955, Baba continued his seclusion in Jal Villa, working with Kaikobad. One day he said, “The burden of the work I’m doing for the universe is too great. We should have some recreation — we should play cricket!” So Baba sent Eruch and Pendu to find a site for the mandali to play a cricket match.

8 June 1963

Baba was in the hall by 7:45 A.M. on Saturday, 8 June 1963, and he embraced the newcomers. He mentioned he had explained many things during the last four days, and then inquired about how they slept. One of those present said she could not sleep because she had a headache. Baba advised, “Remember me and all headaches will disappear.”

Another woman said she could not sleep because she was constantly thinking of Baba. He replied, “If you do not get sleep for this reason, it is good.”

A devotee’s luggage was stolen while on his way from Bombay to Poona. He lost practically all his clothes and also some money. Baba teased him, “It is good that you have no family or you would have lost them too! If you had got lost, it would have been good! If you do not brood over the loss of your belongings, then you have achieved something.”


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