Meher Today – 8th July

Meher Today – 8th July

8 July 1965 – On 8 July 1965, Purdom died in London at the age of 82 from a heart attack following an operation for a gall-bladder ailment that he had suffered from for some time. When the news was received at Meherazad, in a telegram from Mollie Eve, Baba sent this reply: “My dear Charles is with me and blessed in my eternal love. My love to Antonia [his wife] and to you all who shared with Charles his service in my cause.”

8 July 1953 – According to Baba’s order, Bhau Kalchuri came to Dehra Dun to stay with him permanently on Wednesday, 8 July 1953. Baba explained to him, “The first order I am giving you is to visit the rooms of the mandali every night and say loudly, ‘You fools! Keep silence after nine o’clock!’ “

Baba added, “This is only the beginning for you.”

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