Meher Today – 8th December

Meher Today – 8th December

8 December 1932

Dr. Deshmukh meets Baba for the first time at the Knightsbridge Hotel in London.

8 December 1938

The first Blue Bus Tour of India begins with 22 disciples, both men and women. It lasts until May of 1939.

8 December 1960

The Hindu Women’s Rescue Home of Poona, which Baba had visited in June, requested a message from Baba on the occasion of its Silver Jubilee. On 8 December 1960, Baba dictated this poem for them:

If from now till I depart

You love me with a single heart,

All stains will be washed away,

Your soul will be as bright as day.

World is loss and God is gain;

World draws soul again, again.

Pay world’s debt with loving labor —

Cross life’s seas to my safe harbor.

8 December 1962

On 8 December 1962, the day before the big event, Adi noted in his diary: “[Today] Baba throws everyone into a confusion [tizzy], almost amounting to being driven mad! Eruch expresses that Baba is bent on doing it [driving the mandali mad].”

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