Meher Today – 7th September

Meher Today – 7th September

7 September 1953

In Dehra Dun, Uttar Pradesh. Baba gives his “Highest of the High” declaration.

7 September 1955

On 7 September 1955 Baba worked with Kaikobad for a few hours in the morning. During September, Baba granted darshan to the local public from 2:00 to 2:30 every afternoon, and many took advantage of the opportunity. It was stopped on the 15th as Baba began preparing for a gathering of his lovers.

7 September 1956

On Friday, 7 September 1956, Baba left Satara in Nariman’s car, along with Pendu, Nilu, Baidul, Bhau and Eruch, for a four-day mast trip to Hyderabad and surrounding places. At Nalgonda, Baba gestured to Eruch (who was driving) to stop at a small roadside tea stall. Eruch went in to ask the proprietor to prepare good tea and saw to it that the cups were thoroughly washed.

Bhau was standing near the open car door by Baba, who remained seated in the car. After a little while, Baba gestured to Bhau to go see if the tea was ready and bring it to him. Bhau brought it, and Baba poured the tea from his cup into his saucer and began to drink it. Baba gestured something with his right hand which held the cup. As Baba’s fingers were partially blocked by the saucer, Bhau could not read his handsigns.

A boy, who was sitting nearby on the ground under a tree, kept staring at Baba. Baba would also gaze at him. Baba kept gesturing, but Bhau was at a loss to understand him. “Do you want sugar, Baba?”

Baba shook his head no.

Suddenly, the boy stood up and cried out in a loud voice, “He wants milk!” Baba nodded, and Bhau brought him more milk.

After the mandali returned, Baba remarked, pointing to Bhau, “Look at this man. He has been with me for three years, yet he could not understand a simple thing I asked for, such as milk. But [pointing to the boy] that little boy could understand and had to tell him. What sort of a man is Bhau?”

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