Meher Today – 7th October

Meher Today – 7th October

7 October 1925

Baba received news on 7 October that the Harijans of Arangaon had eaten the flesh of a dead bullock. He immediately closed the school and sent the Arangaon Harijan students home. In the afternoon Baba was informed that the parents of the children who had previously taken the oath had not eaten the flesh. So the children were called back and Baba walked to Arangaon. There he jotted down the names of those who had consumed the meat. The following day, all the villagers whose names Baba had noted came to him. They promised Baba again never to touch the flesh of dead animals and further promised to bury any carcasses they found beyond the village limits. To make up for the income they would lose by burying these animals, Baba promised to pay each one Rs.5 for every dead animal’s skin. Had Baba not insisted upon burying the animals, the Harijans could not have resisted the temptation of eating the flesh after skinning them.

7 October 1933

Baba visits St. Mark’s Square in Venice, Italy.

7 October 1937

Baba’s plans were never fixed. As soon as his work was complete, he would leave the place on one pretext or another. Baba had originally gone to Cannes with plans to stay a full year, but on 7 October 1937, Baba shocked the group by announcing that he would be leaving Cannes to return to India within three weeks. No one expected him to leave so soon, and Mohammed Mast had not yet even arrived, though he was already on the way by ship.

On 7 October 1937, during Donkin’s interview with Baba, Baba told him, “Try to be happy — under all conditions. There is nothing but bliss. It is everywhere. Love Divine. Misery exists in the minds of priests who preach heaven and hell. In reality, there is no hell. No God ever created hell. And to hell with the God who creates hell!”

7 October 1954

Baba stopped using the alphabet board from 7 October 1954, and it will be seen hereafter how he conveyed his thoughts and instructions.


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