Meher Today – 7th November

Meher Today – 7th November

7 November 1926

Baba went on a fast, taking only water and nothing else. The building materials were divided into lots to be sold at a public auction, which was arranged by Adi’s father Khansaheb and was held the next day. Handbills had been circulated in Ahmednagar, advertising the auction. As the sale was being held, Baba was seated in the Mess Quarters; as soon as it was concluded he entered the Makan.

Khansaheb also participated in the bidding and bought many of the items offered. He was initially surprised and then amused to find that among the items for sale were many things from his own household. From time to time, Gulmai would send things to be used at Meherabad without telling her husband, and now he found himself buying back his own property!

7 November 1930

Baba was in a hurry to have the cave completed and he instructed the workers to make certain that it was finished soon. He then left with a few of the mandali for Lonavla, where Ghani had arranged their stay at his house. Here too there was a continuous stream of people for darshan and Baba explained much about the spiritual path.

7 November 1945

After a bath in the morning, Baba resumed his seclusion in his hut. He remained closeted inside all day, with the usual watch outside. He drank only two cups of tea, prepared with milk at 9:00 A.M., two cups more at 5:00 P.M. and nothing further. In the evening he informed the mandali, “My work is progressing excellently. The spiritual work I was doing required an empty stomach. The tea helped, as the milk caused gurgling in my stomach. Tomorrow, I will take only tea without milk in the morning and vegetable soup in the evening.”

Baba then directed that a telegram be sent to Jal Kerawalla, telling him that if he, Baba, finished his work on the hill ahead of time, he wished to rest for a few days at the Ghatula dak bungalow. Jal and Eruch were ordered to be at the dak bungalow on the 20th. From the night of the 7th, in addition to campfires, Petromax lanterns were kept burning to ward off any predators.

7 November 1948

7 November, Baba went to the top of one of the mountains in Girnar. There Baba sat for two hours in seclusion in a cave named after King Bharthari — a saintly king of olden times. The ancient hills of Girnar contain some of India’s oldest caves dating back to the time of King Ashok. Coming out of the cave, Baba revealed to the mandali, “Every Avatar born in India has at least once visited Girnar during his lifetime.”  


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