Meher Today – 7th March

Meher Today – 7th March

7 March 1928

On 7 March, Baba gave final instructions to him about his trip, telling him, “You may go to as many cricket and football matches as you like; you can go to the cinema. Just accept all the invitations that come your way, and speak about me to those you meet. Then my work will be done.” Rustom left Meherabad that evening and sailed from Bombay three days later. He was the first of the Master’s mandali to contact the Western world.

7 March 1948

Baba visits Wambori and distributes 583 bundles of grain. He also washes the feet of nearly 600 men and women. From February 16th through March 7th, a total of 4,049 bundles of grain are distributed to the poor in various places.


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