Meher Today – 7th February

Meher Today – 7th February

7 February 1939

Baba and his group left for Ajmer on 7 February 1939, around 8:30 in the morning. They reached the village of Alwar by the late afternoon and stayed in a dak bungalow there. At Alwar there was a newly born goat running loose, and the women, especially Elizabeth, played with it, and Baba held it lovingly.

7 February 1948

Baba contacts an entire family of masts (God-intoxicated souls), consisting of seven sisters and two brothers. Baba says they were masts from birth.

7 February 1954

Baba gives darshan in a junior high school in Muskara, Hamirpur District.

7 February 1959

On 7 February, Baba stated: “Everyone is doing something; few are doing nothing. Doing nothing is also doing something; so doing nothing is doing something. Therefore, everyone doing something is doing nothing. Thus doing something, or nothing, or anything is doing nothing. The very act of doing is imaginary. There is no such thing as ‘doing.’ ”

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