Meher Today – 7th December

Meher Today – 7th December

7 December 1938

On 7 December 1938, just a day before he left Meherabad, Baba dictated points to Ghani about Sai Baba’s life, for an article in Meher Baba Journal. He also called all the mandali up the hill to show them the paintings Helen had done in his tomb.

7 December 1949

Baba asks men mandali to wear only a langoti (loincloth) and to repeat mentally a prayer asking God for strength to control anger, lust and greed and to be fair and honest and kind to the other New Life companions. This takes place in a subterranean passage believed to be the one where the Buddha, after attaining enlightenment, preached his first sermon to his five disciples.

7 December 1952

Baba was to journey next to Andhra Pradesh, and on the morning of Sunday, 7 December 1952, he declared, “For the first time, those in Andhra and those who accompany me will have the fortune to taste and witness my leela. The constant flow and frequent showers of love I gave to the sea of humanity in Hamirpur will be accelerated twenty-fold in Andhra!”


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