Meher Today – 7th August

Meher Today – 7th August

7 August 1927

Padri’s mother Freiny Masi met Baba at Meherabad on Sunday, 7 August 1927 and informed Baba that Colonel Irani had had their younger brother Rustom committed to a mental asylum. Baba assured Freiny Masi that there was nothing serious about Rustom’s temporary mental condition — but that if he was left in the asylum he would go insane! Baba had a letter written to Dinshaw M. Irani to use his influence to have Rustom released. Baba asked Freiny Masi about her son (Padri’s elder brother) Rusi, who had been one of Baba’s classmates and who was then in America.

7 August 1930

On Thursday, 7 August 1930, when Ghani was visiting, Baba made these comments on “future developments”: “Chaos will break out everywhere within the next four months. There will be a terrible tussle between the Hindus and Mohammedans. Non-violence will turn into violence of a terrible sort, resulting in bloodshed throughout the country.”

7 August 1932

Baba emerges from St. Francis’s cave. He reveals that an important spiritual meeting took place during the night, the likes of which has never been held before.

7 August 1961

On Monday morning, 7 August 1961, after spending five months in Poona, Baba returned to Meherazad with the men and women mandali. Once again before leaving, Baba stopped at Bund Gardens, where he sat under Babajan’s tree and bid farewell to several hundred of his Poona lovers. Madhusudan sang bhajans and the arti. The lovers lined up on both sides of Baba’s car and touched his hand as he drove past.

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