Meher Today – 6th October

Meher Today – 6th October

6 October 1933

Baba and the mandali arrived in Venice at nine o’clock on the morning of Friday, 6 October 1933. Enid Corfe, Kitty and Minta came to welcome them, along with an Englishman named Bill Precey who had previously met Baba in London. Baba proceeded from the pier to the Hotel International, where the group stayed. After lunch, they went for a walk to St. Mark’s Square.

6 October 1954

On Wednesday, 6 October 1954, Baba instructed the mandali: “Myself and you all will keep awake until midnight tomorrow. From 1:00 P.M. to midnight, everyone should fast on only water, and at 9 P.M., take only coffee. All should gather in Rosewood tomorrow at 6:00 A.M., after ablutions and a bath.”

6 October 1965

In fulfillment of Baba’s order that each of those in Europe, America and Australia write him one letter directly, letters started pouring in to Meherazad. Starting on 6 October 1965, Baba began hearing them. Each morning, a few were read to him in the hall by Eruch, and any enclosures (photographs or drawings) were shown to him. All of the letters overflowed with love, and Baba placed his hand on his heart as he dictated this message in reply: “I am deeply touched by your love for me and your complete resignation to my will. You have made me happy. I give my love and blessing to you each, my own.”


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  1. Very good information .Useful to remember BABA on this day

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