Meher Today – 6th August

Meher Today – 6th August

6 August 1932

Baba reaches Assisi, Italy at 5 p.m. He is taken to a cave used by St. Francis on Mt. Subasio. Baba spends the night in the cave.

6 August 1936

Discussions on creating a trust were ongoing, and on 6 August, Baba stressed the importance to his four “pillars” of Meherabad — Adi Sr., Pendu, Padri and Vishnu — to carefully review the draft of the clauses of the proposed trust document. He also emphasized the need for economizing on expenses.

6 August 1952

Baba leaves London for Switzerland and stays in Locarno.

6 August 1960

Saturday, 6 August 1960 was celebrated as Khordad Sal (Zoroaster’s birthday). Baba called the women to mandali hall in the morning to participate in prayers.

6 August 1962

Adi’s mother Gulmai’s ill condition, due to kidney disease, worsened in August. While at Meherabad on 6 August, Baba informed Padri to be prepared for Gulmai’s burial on the hill, as she would be dying shortly.

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