Meher Today – 6th April

Meher Today – 6th April

6 April 1940

The establishment of ashrams at different places in India continued to be the chief topic of conversation along the journey. On 6 April, Baba took everyone in a boat to an old Christian church, named Nossa Senhora das Brotas, on a small mile-long Portuguese island called Anjidiv, five miles off the Karwar coast. The splendor of the place was magnetic and Baba made a revealing remark, “Of the three centers I want to build for my work in the world, I have to build one here!”

6 April 1959

On 6 April 1959, Baba was driven in Meherjee’s car to Meherabad, where, in the presence of a sub-register named Deshpande, the Avatar Meher Baba Trust Deed was registered on Meherabad Hill at 11:45 A.M. All ten trustees were present for the registration ceremony on the hill. They included Kutumba Sastri, who was appointed chairman,  Mani, Ramjoo, Adi, Meherjee, Nariman, Pendu, Vishnu, Padri and Kaka. Approved by Baba, the Trust Deed outlined the purpose and objectives of the Trust, as well as made provisions for the support of 41 persons dependent on Baba.


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