Meher Today – 5th October

Meher Today – 5th October


5 October 1935

On Saturday, 5 October 1935, Baba composed this poem, which he directed the mandali to read aloud in the evening:

O damn good Meherabad, mandali mahal [palace],

In face of storm or rain or gale,

Attacked by thunder, lightning, hail;

You must not fail, you must not fail!

5 October 1946

Baba is in Lyallpur to contact a Sikh mast (God-intoxicated soul) and a Christian mast. He contacts the Sikh mast but the Christian mast pretends to be fast asleep.

5 October 1952

On Sunday, 5 October 1952, Baba held a meeting at Meherazad with six Andhra and six Hamirpur tour coordinators to discuss giving darshan to the masses.  Baba met with them from 8:00 to 10:00 A.M. behind the Blue Bus. Baba went over his plans, after which they left for their respective places. Among the six men from Andhra, all were new except for Dr. Dhanapathy. They were highly moved by their first meeting with Baba. Kutumba Sastri, however, could not acknowledge Baba as the Avatar, though his heart was impressed with Baba’s love. Those from Hamirpur were old lovers, who were fully dedicated to their Master. Their lives were for Baba alone.



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