Meher Today – 5th March

Meher Today – 5th March

5 March 1933

Baba paid a visit to the district of Bhor on Sunday, 5 March 1933, having been invited by the maharaja there. He stopped first at Lonavla, where Ghani and Tyebali arranged tea and breakfast. After a brief stop at Nilu’s in Poona, Baba went on to Bhor where he was received grandly and hundreds came for his darshan. Baba went to Kolhapur the next day, meeting with his lovers at the school there before returning to Nasik.

5 March 1937

On the following morning, Friday, 5 March 1937, the film of Baba’s birthday was received from Bombay, and it was shown early that day to Baba and the Western group at the Circle Cinema

5 March 1941

On the morning of Wednesday, 5 March 1941, they left Lahore for Montgomery, 102 miles away. After only 40 miles, the bus broke down again and Baba was quite peeved. He wanted to contact a high mast in Pakpattan, and so ordered Nilu into the front seat of Elizabeth’s car with him and drove off. (Four of the women were in the back seat, curtained off.) Eruch was left to manage alone and told to meet them in Montgomery. Baba’s car arrived at eleven o’clock. After leaving the women at the P.W.D. bungalow, Baba, Nilu and Elizabeth drove to contact the mast 30 miles away in Pakpattan, near the tomb of the Perfect Master Baba Farid Shakkar Ganj. The unnamed mast had a tall, stout physique.

Later in the evening, Baba took three of the Western women and contacted a young mastani of eighteen in a squalid shack where she was said to have been living for the past twelve years. The girl had been God-intoxicated since age six.


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