Meher Today – 5th July

Meher Today – 5th July

5 July 1939 – Baba would permit his close lovers to donate money for his cause whenever they were able to, and Raosaheb had sent Baba a check for Rs.100 at the beginning of July. On 5 July Baba sent him this humorous “thank-you” note:

Your letter did not come as a surprise

but as an enterprise!

And with it the 100 rupee check

      came as the perfect prize!

And also with it came the hope that you will

      continue sending me from time to time

      such amounts of bigger size! 

I will look after your health

And you look after my wealth!

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  1. jai Meher baba ! Beloved Baba’s grace. How fortunate sri Raosaheb……

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