Meher Today – 5th January

Meher Today – 5th January

5 January 1927

Baba starts using the alphabet board.

5 January 1950

On Thursday, 5 January 1950, Baba set out begging with Eruch and Adi in Ratangarh, and they received enough to feed everyone. On his return, Baba announced his desire to stay in Najibabad for a few days, and from there proceed by train to Dehra Dun. He asked Adi to go to Najibabad to find a place to stay, to collect food as alms, and to arrange for someone to provide the fare for their train journey from there to Dehra Dun. Soon after, Adi left by bus.

5 January 1969

On Sunday afternoon, 5 January 1969, a young Australian woman named Mary Rosalind Bennett unexpectedly arrived in Meherazad. She was from Sydney and had found out about Baba from some young lovers there. Mary looked like a “flower-child” and was hitchhiking around India. She had arrived that morning by train and walked barefoot all the way from Ahmednagar to Meherazad (a distance of nine miles) with a guitar slung over her shoulders, ostensibly to deliver a poster of Baba made by Leigh and Steven Campbell. Welcomed by Mani, she played a song for the women mandali, and was then taken into Baba’s bedroom, where she played her guitar and sang a song for him.


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