Meher Today – 5th August

Meher Today – 5th August

5 August 1928

During a discourse on Sunday, 5 August 1928, Baba emphasized to Gustadji’s brother, Homi Hansotia, who had arrived in a Mohammedan outfit and announced that he had converted to Islam:

Mukti [liberation from all future births and deaths] is not possible without surrenderance to a Perfect Master. The outer forms of religions, their rites, ceremonies, and shariat, are bindings, and religion itself is a prison. This “conversion” of yours is nothing but jumping from one prison to another.

5 August 1929

On 5 August, another telegram from Rustom was received, informing Baba that Kaikhushru Masa’s whereabouts were unknown. A reply was dispatched to Nasik urging Rustom to find Masa.

Later that day Baba disclosed, “I have decided to be in seclusion here in Harvan for 40 days, so be prepared. Make sure you buy sufficient supplies to last that long.”

5 August 1948

Two senior police officers, named Anklesaria and Mehta, came to see Baba at the Ice Factory Bungalow on 5 August. Mehta, who was spiritually-minded, was a relative of someone who had gifted a plot of land in Ahmedabad to the Ramakrishna Ashram and had read extensively through spiritual literature. After discussing general topics, Baba asked Mehta lovingly, “What have you gleaned after reading so much? What would you say is the substance of all the spiritual literature you’ve read?”

“Love and service,” Mehta replied.

“Yes, it is the most valuable thing,” Baba agreed.

“I also meditate,” he informed Baba.

“In spiritual matters, love and service to humanity supersede meditation,” Baba explained. “It is a type of spirituality that comes down from its supreme height to the daily human routine and everyday life. This is where its manifestation is the highest; it is the most practical.”

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