Meher Today – 5th April

Meher Today – 5th April

5 April 1927

Hazrat Babajan Girl’s School opens at Maruti Patel’s compound in Arangaon. A Christian woman is appointed as teacher.

5 April 1932

Baba, back in Venice on Tuesday morning, 5 April 1932, Baba went sightseeing to St. Mark’s Square and toured a palace full of art, exquisitely carved furniture and fixtures and embroidered curtains.  Back at the hotel, Beheram and Adi Sr. sang for Enid to the accompaniment of sitar and harmonium they had brought. Baba expertly beat out a rhythm on tablas.

In the afternoon the group rode in the famous gondolas down the Grand Canal. Beheram, who often photographed Baba, had brought his camera and took a few snapshots. At night they went to see a Buster Keaton film.

5 April 1947

Prior to his departure on Saturday, 5 April 1947, Baba gave this farewell message to his Madras devotees.

Baba then boarded the train and left Madras for Poona. Between 12,000 to 15,000 people had taken his darshan during the previous two days.


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