Meher Today – 4th September

Meher Today – 4th September

4 September 1948

Kishan was told to return again on 4 September, and on that occasion, Baba commented to him, “You are one of the few people whom I have selected for my spiritual work, and I will call you even without your asking.” Kishan was called once every three months to meet Baba.

4 September 1960

On the 4th, Baba resumed his work and began a week-long fast, taking only one cup each of coffee, tea and buttermilk per day. The fast took a toll on Baba’s body: his blood pressure rose; he caught a cold; he had severe headaches; and he sometimes experienced tremors. Nevertheless, Baba continued to remain absorbed in his Universal work and sat with Kaikobad every day.

4 September 1965

Baba came to mandali hall on the morning of Saturday, 4 September 1965 and announced to those present — Mani, Rano, Goher, Eruch, Pendu, Adi, Aloba, Bhau and Francis — his decision to cancel the December sahavas. There was a look of infinite fatigue and sorrow in his eyes, as he announced this. He said: “The world situation is very bad and growing worse daily. The pressure of my Universal work is affecting my health tremendously, and the pain in my neck is beyond limit.

It is the universal Cross that I bear. I have decided to cancel the Western sahavas which was to be held this December. I do not in the least like canceling the sahavas, but I have to. I know what I am doing.”

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