Meher Today – 4th May

Meher Today – 4th May

4 May 1932

But the next day, 4 May 1932, was not a happy one, for they received word that Baba’s father had died on 30 April at the age of 79. Ramjoo had sent a cable to London on the 1st, saying, “Father Sheriarji expired Bombay last night,” and Quentin forwarded the message to Lugano.

4 May 1936

Baba, Chanji and Gustadji came down from Baba Budan Mountain and went to Chikmagalur. After a night there, they proceeded to Belur the following day.

4 May 1958

Baba gave darshan on the verandah of Guruprasad as some of the Poona group sang bhajans. Many availed themselves of the occasion, including the owner of Guruprasad, Maharani Shantadevi of Baroda, 44, who on that day had Baba’s darshan for the first time.


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