Meher Today – 4th January

Meher Today – 4th January

4 January 1935

Baba visited, Fox (4 January) and Warner Brothers studios where he met many celebrities, including the French singer Maurice Chevalier, and was photographed with actress Alice Faye. At Fox Studio, the Oklahoma humorist Will Rogers conversed with Baba for a few minutes about Gandhi and Eastern philosophy, and said he would come and see Baba if he visited India.  Baba also saw several films in Hollywood, one of which was Imitation of Life at the Pantages Theater on Hollywood Boulevard near Vine Street.

4 January 1940

Baba left Bangalore for South India on the Madras Express train at 7:20 P.M. on Thursday, 4 January 1940, accompanied by Kaka, Gustadji, Jal Kerawalla and Krishna. His destination and itinerary were not disclosed to the other mandali. They traveled first to Travancore and then to Trivandrum, where Baba contacted an old mast named Chinna Swami. He went on to Cape Comorin, Madurai and Trichur, contacting masts wherever he went, and returned to Bangalore (exhausted) six days later on the 10th, bringing Chinna Swami with him. During one journey, the train was so packed, Baba and the men had to enter a “ladies only” compartment. The conductor allowed them to stay only after Jal Kerawalla showed his District Magistrate’s card.

4 January 1960

Because of his seclusion, they had not been able to see Baba for a long time. Lovers in Andhra also wrote requesting darshan, and so, Baba decided to give darshan on Monday, 4 January 1960, at the Ahmednagar Center. The large room at Khushru Quarters which served as the Center was cleaned, and the entire area decorated with a stage and pandal. Baba arrived with the mandali in Adi’s car (driven by Waman) at 8:30 A.M. Alighting from the car, he first entered the hall, where he remained for several minutes.


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