Meher Today – 4th February

Meher Today – 4th February

4 February 1939

On 4 February, Baba held a conference with the women in the afternoon, discussing household affairs and other more pressing matters dealing with his mast work, stating: “Now today’s conference is important. Listen carefully; listen seriously and obey willingly. I have a very practical and peculiar work to do in this town. Here, I do not find circumstances suitable for that work. Ajmer will definitely suit, but the following points will help me in that work.”

He then outlined certain household arrangements and added: “For ten days in Ajmer, I am going to be Lord, servant, devotee, Master — everything in one. Most peculiar but very particular work — the worshiper, the worshiped, and everything [else]. It is very important, especially seven days before the birthday, from the 11th to the 18th. The last two birthdays, I bowed to the poor. This birthday will be quite different. I will bow, and be bowed to by different beings; therefore, I must be free from butter, bread and shoes!”

4 February 1962

Toward the end of 1961, letters were received from a group of lovers in Dehra Dun, stating they wished to perform a play for Baba’s birthday. Baba instructed Bhau to write a short play based on God Speaks, depicting the meaning of Creation and humanity’s hope in the Avatar. Bhau did so, and the play, Jai Meher was read out to Baba. Baba liked it and it was proposed that it be staged in Ahmednagar. Members of the local Center were called on 4 February 1962, and Baba encouraged them to take part in it. Also he would occasionally send Bhau to Ahmednagar to assist in the play’s direction.



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