Meher Today – 3rd September

Meher Today – 3rd September

3 September 1928

On the evening of 3 September, there was a discussion about poets and Baba remarked:

Persian poets are the best, followed by the Urdu ones and then the Marathi poets. In English, only Wordsworth and Shelley are of that caliber. Hafiz’s poems are truly the most inspiring and revealing. Rumi’s and Shams’ are philosophical, but they are filled with beauty and truth.

Baba added, “Our Khak Saheb, after he gains ‘experience’ will be inspired, and a flow of writing will pour forth from him in the future, which will be extraordinary.”

3 September 1929

In order to secure passports and visas required to visit Persia, Baba left Meherabad for Bombay on 3 September 1929, two weeks prior to his scheduled departure. Chanji, Gustadji, and Ramjoo accompanied him, among others. In Bombay, Baba was accommodated at Naval and Dina Talati’s apartment in the Shivlal Motilal building on Bellasis Road at Byculla. Many new devotees came into the Master’s contact during his week-long stay there.

3 September 1945

Unexpectedly on Monday, 3 September 1945, Narayan Maharaj dropped his body at the age of 60. His body was cremated in Bangalore and, on the 5th, half his ashes were buried at his ashram in Kedgaon. The remainder of his ashes were taken to Benares and poured in the Ganges River.

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