Meher Today – 3rd October

Meher Today – 3rd October

3 October 1922

Baba explains his previous night of fever and weeping as necessary as he must suffer 28 times like this for the various members of his circle.

3 October 1929

On Thursday, 3 October 1929, Baba decided to leave for Isfahan. Three cars were hired. Baba ordered that the cars follow closely behind one another, but due to a disagreement between the drivers, the three cars took off in three different directions! Except for the car carrying Baba, the other two cars developed mechanical trouble and broke down after going a short distance. Thus, another transportation arrangement had to be made. To accommodate the mandali and the group’s luggage, a truck was hired. Baba continued to travel by car with Raosaheb and the three boys.

3 October 1931

At 9:30 on Saturday morning, 3 October 1931, Baba started for Istanbul, accompanied by Agha Ali, Chanji, Rustom and Meredith — leaving his dear ones in tears as melodies to sing his Song. Margaret Starr (who had been sent for the previous day from East Challacombe) and Delia accompanied them as far as Dover. Baba boarded the luxurious Simplon Orient Express train in Calais, after taking the ferry across the English Channel, and arrived in Milan, Italy the next day.

3 October 1966

On 3 October 1966, Baba called Adi and Don to Meherazad at 9:30 A.M. They arrived in Don’s new maroon Wolseley. Baba conceded to Don’s request to “inaugurate the car” by sitting in the front seat for a few minutes. He did so and was driven to his house at the back of Meherazad.



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