Meher Today – 3rd July

Meher Today – 3rd July

3 July 1928 – The boys were playing in the field, a cow suddenly rushed toward them. Baidul ran forward and caught hold of the cow’s horns. The animal did its best to fling him off, but Baidul twisted its head and succeeded in bringing it to the ground, thus saving the boys from harm. Baba was pleased with Baidul’s courage, and the next day, in his honor, he gave everyone a tea party with bhujias. Afterward, Rustom and Vishnu delivered speeches of appreciation.

3 July 1927 – Rusi’s efforts in Quetta proved fruitful and on Sunday, 3 July 1927, at seven in the morning, the first contingent of Persian students arrived with Baidul — twelve Zoroastrian and two Muslim boys. Two other adults accompanied the group. Baidul was successful in bringing the boys to India without passports — an accomplishment that would have been impossible without Baba’s inner help. As soon as the boys arrived, although they were very tired from the long journey, Baidul lined them up according to height and had their photograph taken to document their appearance and condition on arrival. Baba then came and patted each boy on the head and lovingly welcomed them to Meherabad.

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