Meher Today – 3rd February

Meher Today – 3rd February

3 February 1926

On 3 February, a mechanical pump was installed on the well so that water would be provided more easily. Baba had instructed Ajoba and the mason that it must be completed that day under any circumstances. “Either fix it today or throw it away!” Baba said. The old hand pump was to be repositioned, but the mason did not want to work extra hours and left for Ahmednagar. When Baba came to know of this, he completed the work himself with the help of the men, and the new pump was installed by nine o’clock that night.

3 February 1934

On Saturday, 3 February 1934, Baba went to their institution, the American Mission Baba (Children’s) Welfare Association, with Adi Sr., Vishnu and Nilu. He was given a tour and saw the infants being bathed and fed. Baba was garlanded and his photograph with the children was taken.

3 February 1957

On Sunday, 3 February 1957, Pendu was brought to Poona by ambulance, accompanied by Sidhu and Aloba. He was taken to Silver Oaks to see Baba, and when Pendu saw a few close lovers from Bombay and Poona who were visiting, he was overcome and wept. Baba came out in his wheelchair to see Pendu; he joked and chatted with him and thereby gave him courage. “We will both be up and walking together,” Baba assured him.

“But you suffer it all in silence,” Pendu commented.

Baba replied, “You will be all right and walk again, but I will not be able to walk normally again ever. My hip joint, too, will never be normal.”


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