Meher Today – 31st May

Meher Today – 31st May

31 May 1923

Baba was in a good mood when they arrived in Karachi on 31 May. Pilamai’s husband Hormuzd, Baily, and other devotees were waiting at the station to welcome them. Baba rode to Pilamai’s house in a victoria and relaxed there. Within a few days, Karachi residents who already knew of Meher Baba came for his darshan.

31 May 1964

Keki Billimoria was impressed by meeting Baba and told him, “My wife tried to persuade me to come with her last year, saying, ‘I cannot express in words what you will get from Baba, but just sit for a few minutes at his feet and you will know’ — and still I did not come. Now I have come and I know what she meant. I will be forever grateful to her for this, but I am filled with remorse that I did not come to you when she was alive.”


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