Meher Today – 31st March

Meher Today – 31st March

31 March 1939

When Chhagan brought Khala Masi, a high mastani from Seoni on 31 March, the old woman instantly recognized Baba’s greatness and asked, “Won’t you let me have even a few drops from the Ocean of divinity that you are?”

Baba again contacted Magar Shah in Jabalpur and, in a village ten miles away, another mast named Dada Thanthan Pal. Soon after this, he contacted a very high mast in Mandla named Dhaniram Maharaj (who was also known as Lohewala Baba). Baba also went to Allahabad for a day during this period to find and contact other masts. “The Ocean was in search of those drops who knew the Song and were singing their hearts out!” Age reflected. “Its painful melody compelled its Composer to find them.”

31 March 1950

Despite the crushing fatigue, Baba contacted 532 sadhus and anchorites in Hardwar, on 31 March. Keki Desai had been called from Delhi on some work, and Baba saw him before returning to Motichur at 3:00 P.M.

Accompanied by the four companions and Keki Desai, Baba again visited Hardwar, at 3:00 A.M. on the following day. Tension arose that morning between Baba and Baidul when Baba accused Baidul of rushing him from one camp to another. Baidul argued, rather than keeping quiet, which upset Baba. After contacting 262 persons they returned to Motichur. There Baba remarked, “If 7,000 contacts are made I will be perfectly satisfied, but I will be happier if the number exceeds 7,000.” The total thus far was 6,697.

Age wondered how this would be possible. “The Beloved was noticeably weaker and his continual labor of bowing down and rising, taking darshan of hundreds, one after another, was pushing his state of exhaustion to a point of collapse.”


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