Meher Today – 31st July

Meher Today – 31st July

31 July 1955 – On Sunday, 31 July, Baba washed the feet of 51 poor persons and, after bowing down to them, gave each his love-gift of money.

31 July 1937 – Baba and his mandali sail for Cannes, France along with Mohammed the mast. This is Mohammaed’s first and last journey out of India.

31 July 1929 – On the morning of 31 July, Baba visited the boat where the mandali were staying. He became upset when he found that his breakfast had not yet been prepared. The men’s mood turned sour, because Baba had not told them to have his breakfast ready. Seeing their reaction, he took them to task: “Learn to put up with all sorts of difficulties, and don’t expect me to pat you on the cheek and humor you all the time. If you behave like this, your staying with me will be useless. Put up with these difficulties for a few days until I enter seclusion, and thereafter do as you please if you want to enjoy yourselves.”

Baba added, “Serve me now and take my darshan a thousand times a day if you wish. Life has no real certainty; there is no knowing what may happen tomorrow.”

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